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Platelet Rich Fibrin 

What is platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)?











Platelet-rich fibrin or PRF is concentration of plasma, platelets and 7 different growth factors harnessed through a specific centrifugal process. PRF is the second generation of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), and generally considered more effective than PRP. PRF is free of additives and anticoagulants, giving you only your fluids during injections. PRF has a higher concentration of platelets and white blood cells than PRP, triggering greater regeneration where applied. Also, the fibrin itself provides a scaffolding used to build new skin cells and enhance the quality and amount of existing cells wherever it is injected. .

APMA uses PRF for two distinct purposes: skin rejuvenation and hair restoration. 

How does PRF rejuvenate skin?

PRF is a natural and safe treatment, rejuvenation is primarily the result, although after first injected, a volumization effect does occur. After preparing the PRF, your APMA provider injects the product in various trouble areas on the face and neck with a cannula or needle, the areas are numbed prior to injection. The PRF can be microneedles and used with a subcision-technique to improve skin surface issues and scarring, respectively. This PRF stimulates collagen production, which contributes to thicker, more elastic and lifted skin.

As a result, PRF rejuvenation is effective for:

  • Skin tightening

  • Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Minimizing under-eye hollowness

  • Evening skin tone

  • Improving skin elasticity

  • Plumping thinning lips

  • Reducing the appearance of scars

  • Enhancing the jawline

Multiple platelet-rich fibrin treatments deliver the most dramatic skin rejuvenation results. APMA combines PRF treatments with multiple technologies to improve overall outcomes and enhance adjunctive therapies like fillers, threads, and Sculptra® 

How does PRF restore hair growth?

When used for hair growth, PRF stimulates hair follicles that are dormant to start producing hair. The hairs are thicker and sometimes the follicle produces more than one hair while improving blood flow to nourish the follicle to sustain the growth.


The PRF is injected superficially over the entire scalp, focusing on areas that are scarce. APMA recommends 3 treatments, spaced one month apart, and sometimes recommends adding stem cell or Exosome technologies to deliver an even more robust response.

Individualizing a program for each patient is the key to success. The program will also include other therapies, both oral and topical to enhance and maintain results. Complimentary consultation by an APMA provider will assure that you are well informed and prepared for the treatment course.


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Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF

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