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Non-Surgical Facelift with PDO Threads


What are PDO threads?

Polydiaxanone (PDO) threads are a unique option in today’s aesthetic arena. These threads are constructed of dissolvable sutures that have been used in surgery for over 60 years. This technology was then introduced to aesthetics with the means to help build new collagen. In aesthetics, these threads are used to lift loose skin and small sections of fat to tighten jawlines, necks, lower face and different places on the body.

PDO threads are safe and effective and are most effective when used in conjunction with other technologies. These threads show the best results when inserted by experienced medical professionals and in patients with ideal skin types and fat distributions.


How does a face-lift with threads work?

PDO threads are designed to lift the skin and hold it in place. To achieve such a result, these threads are molded to form barbs that encircle the thread. These barbs are at opposing angles at either end so that the skin stays in place. In the right patient, these threads give amazing results are and extremely natural-looking.

Planning placement is the most important piece of the procedure to assure a natural result without skin buckling and for the ideal lift. Our owner, Patty Stewart is a trainer for Les Encres and Miracu thread lines and is well versed with  MINT threads. As a result, all of APMA providers are thoroughly trained in threads and are here to assist you achieve the very best results. During your consultation your APMA provider will discuss the customized treatment plan to give you optimal results. 

Is there downtime after treatment with PDO threads?

The application of each thread is quick with minimal discomfort under a local anesthetic. No general anesthesia is needed. There is moderate soreness and swelling in the first 48-72 hours after insertion which improves quickly with arnica and Tylenol. Ice can also be used to improve swelling and discomfort. Additional post-care instructions are to have minimal muscle movements within the first two weeks (no excessive smiling or gesturing) as the threads may move. The threads will continue to settle for 3-4weeks. Your APMA provider keeps close contact to assure patients are informed and supported during the recovery time. 

As the threads are places, it triggers your body’s regenerative response. Over the coming months, your body builds a new network of collagen in the area. Once the thread dissolves, this new collagen network keeps your skin tight and lifted. These results can last a year or more, especially with conjunctive therapies that continue to improve skin health.

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