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There are countless laser-based aesthetic treatments available today — and for good reason. Harnessing laser energy and applying it to targeted areas of your skin allows highly effective, completely noninvasive treatment for a wide variety of skin conditions. Unique to ADVATx Laser is the ability to use this technology on light, medium, or dark skin types, transforming all clients to an air-brushed skin quality after just one treatment.  

Advance Practice Medical Aesthetics is lucky enough to be chosen as a treatment and research site for Advalight Technologies where Patty and her team contribute to protocol and research development and to assure safe and effective practices. 

What skin conditions does ADVATx help?

The versatility of ADVATx is a large part of why Advanced Practice Medical Aesthetics chose this laser. With its high-powered yellow light wavelength, they have seen dramatic improvement for their patients suffering with:

  • Vascular abnormalities (telangectasias, cherry angiomas)

  • Acne

  • Scars

  • Discoloration (melasma, sun spots)

  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and crepiness

ADVATx targets multiple skin concerns at once. It kills the bacteria that causes acne while stimulating collagen production in your skin. Collagen is the protein that helps your skin stay plump, smooth, and elastic. Over time, your skin naturally produces less collagen. The ADVATx laser reinvigorates your body’s collagen production process, smoothing and rejuvenating your skin. At the same time, the infrared wavelength of the laser remodels your skin acting to augment other technology, improve outcomes, assure maintenance and prevent the inevitable signs of aging.  

What should I expect during and after ADVATx treatment?

ADVATx is a pain-free LASER with no downtime and yields immediate results.

You leave your appointment glowing, and your skin will continue to improve in the coming weeks as it builds new collagen and processes out any imperfections the AdvaTx has broken down. 

For the best results, APMA recommends a series of three ADVATx treatments spaced one month apart paired with PRF injections. To maintain results, 2-3 treatments annually will suffice depending on the rate of aging, environmental insults and overall physical health.  

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AdvatX​ | Yellow & Infrared Laser

Pain-Free, High Powered Laser Perfect for a Variety of Skin Conditions and Types of Skin

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