Medical Aesthetic Memberships Unique to APMA

Medical aesthetic treatments are expensive compared with typical day spa services for several reasons. Non-Invasive Medical Technologies require:

  • Medical supervision
  • Advanced knowledge of skin, anatomy and procedures
  • Additional education including certification
  • Repetitive treatments and maintenance treatments
  • Each machine costs tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars  
  • Cosmetic injectables are pricey 

APMA hopes to bring this technology to all consumers by way of short-term, unique membership opportunities. Here are the details:

  • Instead of charging for a series of single treatments, APMA will use select technologies together to combat a variety of skin conditions and the normal process of aging.
  • Each person will require different levels of intervention based on age, skin conditions, the extent of damage, gender and ethnicity.
  • To assure outstanding outcomes for everyone, Patty Stewart FNP-BC, follows each client closely and modifies technologies as necessary based on outcomes, at no additional cost.
  • Treatments are once to twice monthly, more frequently if needed, again, at no additional cost.

This method of aesthetic medicine is a revolutionary approach designed to get every client what they NEED for successful correction, rejuvenation, and maintenance affordably.

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