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With Our Unique Membership Program, You Pay for Results Not Individual Treatments

Many forces contribute to aging skin, which means the best anti-aging approach is one that addresses the problem from every a

There’s an old adage that states: aging begins the moment you’re born. And there’s a great deal of truth to this. As your body transitions from one stage to the next, complex changes occur on a biological level, which means there’s no single anti-aging solution.

At Advanced Practice Medical Aesthetics, under the experienced leadership of board-certified nurse practitioner Patty Stewart, we offer a systematic aesthetic approach that tackles the myriad aging issues in an order that makes sense. Through our tailored membership plans, we partner with our patients to deliver the best possible outcomes without wasting time or money on single treatment protocols.

Here’s a brief look at the aging process and how our unique membership program focuses on results rather than individual, and costly, treatments.

The aging face

As you grow older, your face undergoes change on four primary levels, which include:

The surface

Your skin is designed to shield you from whatever the world throws at it and the toll this exacts on the surface becomes increasingly clear as you get older. On a cellular level, the turnover rate can begin to slow, which means damaged skin cells linger longer. As well, discolorations can develop, mottling the surface of your once-smooth skin. Rounding out the list of concerns is the natural loss of collagen as you age, which is the protein responsible for the elasticity and tone in your skin.

The structure

While the surface of your skin is under assault, the structure underneath is also succumbing to age as:

These changes can greatly affect the shape of your face as you age.

The volume

As your skin loses elasticity, the thin layer of fat below can begin to migrate. On top of this movement, your fat pads naturally dissolve with age.


Every time you move your face, you create dynamic lines and wrinkles that slowly become etched into your skin.

Stacking technology to fight back against aging

Our anti-aging plans are designed to address the aging process on each of the four levels mentioned above. To do this, we take advantage of the latest technologies and science to renew and revitalize your skin using a systematic approach that stacks our technologies. When you first sit down with us, we spend a good deal of time reviewing your skin, your medical history, your lifestyle, and your goals. 

Once we have a clearer picture, we tailor a program to your unique needs that combine therapies and treatments in an order that garners the best results. For example, during the first stage of a typical anti-aging program, we start with surface correction and dermal health. From there we tackle issues with volume, whether too much or too little.

During the third stage, we continue our volume work and then focus on tightening your skin and then move on to maintenance and prevention in the fourth stage.

To accomplish our goals, we’re equipped with the latest laser technology, including the ADVATx® laser and the AGNES® radiofrequency treatment for acne.

We combine this cutting-edge technology with the following treatments:

As you can see, we’re set up to address most every aesthetic concern, but, more importantly, we know how to combine and order these treatments for the best results possible. And we offer our plans as reasonably-priced packages, so you’re not breaking the bank with individual treatments.

If you’re tired of a piecemeal approach to your cosmetic concerns, we invite you to contact our office in Centennial, Colorado, which is located in the Denver metro area, to explore our exciting membership plans.


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