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Learn How Our One-of-a-Kind "Stacking Protocols" Deliver Superior Results

Aging is hard on your skin. Time, sun exposure, cigarette smoke, air pollution, and other environmental factors can take a toll on your appearance. And chronic health conditions such as rosacea, acne, and melasma can lead to hyperpigmentation, broken blood vessels, and other imperfections.

Medical aesthetic treatments can go a long way toward restoring a younger, fresher appearance. But for many people, combining various types of treatments — a process known as “stacking” — can expand the beneficial impact of the technologies, treatments, products, and protocols designed to improve your appearance.

Here at Advanced Practice Medical Aesthetics in Centennial, Colorado, our one-of-a-kind stacking protocols can deliver superior results to people looking to recapture the freshness of youth.

About medical aesthetics

Our certified family nurse practitioner Patty Stewart uses her years of experience in medical aesthetics to provide her patients with the safest, most effective, most advanced aesthetic technology, treatment, and products.

Some of the aesthetic services she provides include: 

In addition to providing a variety of aesthetic services and procedures, Advanced Practice Medical Aesthetics also offers exceptional medical-grade skin care products that complement and support our treatments. You can count on us for everything you need for optimal aesthetic results.

Stacking for ultimate results and convenience

Most aesthetic practices offer treatments separately in a series of at least three sessions. When you seek more than one type of treatment, those modalities are typically offered sequentially, one after the other. As a result, it can take a long time to achieve your aesthetic goals.

With the stacking protocols at Advanced Practice Medical Aesthetics, you can receive various types of treatments concurrently, rather than sequentially. That way, you can attain your desired results much sooner.

Receiving multiple treatments at each visit not only speeds up the optimal outcome you’re hoping for, but it also saves time at our office and reduces any downtime that may occur as a result of having aesthetic treatment.

Learn more about how stacking can help you

If you’re interested in stacking technology, set up a complimentary consultation to meet with Patty. Your consultation includes a full medical and aesthetic history and a discussion of your skin care concerns. 

She provides personalized recommendations for the specific medical aesthetic services that can give you the results you desire, along with a timeline for treatments. Whenever possible, your treatments can be stacked for ultimate results and convenience. 

If you’re frustrated with the impact that aging, chronic health conditions, and other influences have had on your skin, help is available. Don’t wait any longer to regain a fresh, youthful, rejuvenated appearance. Call our office at 720-343-8665, or use our online booking tool.

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