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How ADVATx Laser Technology Offers Unparalleled Results in Remedying Pigmentation Issues

Have you noticed patches of darker-colored skin on your face or body? This common condition, known as hyperpigmentation, results when deposits of brown pigment known as melanin appear on your skin. Hyperpigmentation may occur as the result of aging, sun exposure, hormonal changes, or acne.


Although hyperpigmentation is unlikely to threaten your health, it is an imperfection that can detract from your appearance. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with hyperpigmentation.


At Advanced Practice Medical Aesthetics, certified family nurse practitioner Patty Stewart uses the ADVATx laser's amazing yellow light wavelength technology to address pigmentation issues. Here, she shares some important information about this exciting treatment.

Laser treatment

The highly advanced ADVATx laser procedure works by using pulses of safe, gentle laser energy to reduce pigmentation. Specifically, this treatment uses yellow light wavelength, which is considered the gold standard in treating skin conditions.


ADVATx produces results in your very first session. Treatments are painless, require no downtime, and produce only minor side effects, such as mild swelling or temporary redness.


ADVATx treatment is cleared by the FDA for a variety of pigment-related skin conditions. This procedure fades hyperpigmentation and causes the treated skin to become smoother and firmer, as well. We believe that no other single treatment performs better than the ADVATx laser system.


In addition to pigment problems, we also use ADVATx laser to treat acne, vascular abnormalities, scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles.

What to expect

Treatment with the ADVATx laser system is virtually pain-free, requiring no topical anesthetic and no downtime. You may experience some mild redness and swelling for up to four hours after your treatment.


After you receive your treatments, we recommend that you avoid direct sun exposure for 24 hours and use a mineral-based sunscreen on a daily basis.


Remember, sun exposure can cause age spots and other pigment problems, so we recommend that you always slather yourself with sunscreen, wear a broad-brimmed hat, and do your best to avoid the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, especially during the middle of the day when the sun is strongest.


For most patients, we recommend a series of three ADVATx treatments, each spaced about one month apart, and we suggest maintenance treatments every three to five months to preserve your good results. We’re also happy to recommend medical-grade skin care products that help you reach and maintain the aesthetic results you desire.

If hyperpigmentation is frustrating you, don’t wait any longer to learn more about the remarkable high-powered yellow light wavelength of the ADVATx laser system. Schedule a consultation by calling our office in Centennial, Colorado, at 720-343-8665, or by using our online booking tool.

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