Got Turkey Neck? Consider PDO Threads

You have to admit: Getting older does have some benefits. Start with wisdom and experience. And many people have more time to spend with family and friends as children grow up and work hours wind down. But there are also a few downsides — and turkey neck is certainly one of them.

What’s turkey neck? It’s the loose, saggy, wrinkled appearance that the skin on your neck may take on as you get older.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with turkey neck. At Advanced Practice Medical Aesthetics, certified family nurse practitioner Patty Stewart offers an effective nonsurgical treatment for turkey neck: PDO threads.

What are PDO threads?

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are temporary sutures that help lift sagging skin. Threads improve the appearance of your neck by pulling skin in such a way that it appears tighter and firmer.

When Patty inserts threads into your skin, your body responds by releasing growth factors and building up collagen, a type of protein that’s found naturally in healthy skin but diminishes as skin ages. The collagen buildup contributes to the formation of new tissue that helps tighten loose skin and hold it in place.

In addition to your neck, threads can be used in a variety of other places, including sagging jowls, drooping cheeks, and slack jawlines. 

Dramatic results

PDO threads provide results without major cosmetic surgery or facelifts. Threads are safe and effective, and they may be used alone or in conjunction with other aesthetic treatments. You can get them during a minimally invasive office procedure performed with local anesthesia.

Compared with a facelift, recovery from a threads procedure is quicker, so you can get back to work or other responsibilities as soon as possible. Soreness or swelling may occur during the 48 hours after treatment, which you can typically manage with ice, acetaminophen, and arnica, a natural herbal pain reliever.

Because the proper placement of threads leads to the best results, it’s important to work with an experienced practitioner. Patty has been inserting threads and achieving outstanding results for over five years. She uses two types of threads, MINT and MIRACU, and is now a trainer for MIRACU thread line.

Learn more about skin care solutions

Whether you have turkey neck or other skin concerns, we can help. Our practice offers a wide range of safe, effective anti-aging and aesthetics services. To schedule a consultation about your skin or to make an appointment to get threads, call our office in Centennial, Colorado, at 720-343-8665.

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