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VIP Medical Aesthetic Memberships Unique to APMA

Deep Cleanse & Brighten 

Our Deep Cleanse & Brighten membership is designed for patients who have great skin & are looking for a simple treatment plan that will leave them glowing after each visit. With this membership patients will receive monthly advanced facials & quarterly skin tightening/ color correction laser treatments  

Additional Discounts: 

  • Botox/ Dysport (neuromodulator): $11/unit

  • 10% OFF Fillers or Sculptra

  • 10% OFF Threads

  • 10% OFF Laser Hair Removal Packages

  • 10% OFF Skin Care Products 

Pay Monthly: $150

Pay Annually: $1,600 

(save $200 off of monthly price) 

Prevent, Correct, Maintain

Our Prevent, Correct, & Maintain membership is ideal for a patient who has minimal aging deficits & have good dermal health, but need a monthly pick me up. It is also perfect for an individual who has recently finished one of our advance partnerships/plans & are now looking to maintain their new youthful rejuventation. 

Additional Discounts: 

  • Botox/ Dysport (neuromodulator): $10/unit

  • 15% OFF Fillers or Sculptra

  • 15% OFF Threads

  • 15% OFF Laser Hair Removal Packages

  • 10% OFF Skin Care Products 

Pay Monthly: $350

Pay Annually: $4,000 

(save $200 off of monthly price) 

Annual Memberships

Short-Term Partnerships 

Our Short Term Partnerships are designed for individuals who are looking for a "quick start" to their dermal health.  We created this partnership, to do just that, partner with you & create the optimal treatment plan that can be accomplished in as little as 3 months to reach your goals. This partnership is customized to each client & treatments vary depending on your skin condition. Treatments are stacked in the same visit to improve outcomes, limit downtime, and prepare your skin for advanced procedures. 


Candidates for Partnership: 

- Mild, moderate, and severe acne & acne scarring 

Significant discoloration/ uneven tone (including: melasma, sun damage, rosacea, etc.) 

- Moderate skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles (under-eye hollowness, vertical lip lines, etc.) 

Pay Monthly: $500-$750 (3-5 months) 

Advanced Aesthetic Plans 

The Advanced Aesthetic Plan was created to cater to the individual who needs a comprehensive restoration & remodeling due to significant volume loss & skin laxity. Plans include dermal fillers, Sculptra, threads, and laser light/ radio frequency technologies- these treatments combined assure a natural & complete result. Our team will work with you to create the perfect at home skin regimen to fit your needs & optimize & maintain your treatments. Your Aesthetic Plan can also include facial contouring & fat dissolving, as well as hair restoration. 

Pricing varies depending on individual needs

Range: $1,500 +

Specialized Programs

The Specialized Program embodies the full spectrum of optimal health & wellness. Our team will work with you to create the perfect program using various treatments: 

Body Contouring using INMODE technology 

Intimate Health & Rejuvenation 

Functional Medicine Program

Weight management 

- Improving gut microbiome 

- IV therapy 


Pricing varies based on program created for you

Range: $2,000 +

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