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Welcome to Advanced Practice Medical Aesthetics

Owner and practitioner, Patty Stewart, Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, has 35 years of experience in health care, mostly in the intensive-care setting. Branching into the aesthetics industry in 2014, she has built her independent practice by immersing herself in aesthetic research, trends and technology. Patty has developed relationships with renowned aesthetic practitioners and device manufacturers to compile a complete technology profile to combat any skin problem. Having an eye for balance and aesthetic artistry, Patty determines the problems and institutes reliable treatment solutions to assure outstanding results. With honest and transparent consultations and attentive care, Patty has developed long and trusting relationships with her clients and their families.

APMA has also expanded into the realm of Functional Medicine which seeks to find the root cause of skin conditions and clinical symptoms that are frequently chronic in nature. Comprehensive attention to client concerns with knowledge of both Allopathic and Natural Medicine allows APMA to care for clients from the inside-out for optimal beauty, health, wellness, and overall longevity.

Patty Stewart, owner

Patty Stewart, FNP-BC


Board Certified Family

Nurse Practitioner

35 Years of Experience in

Healthcare Industry

Aesthetics Industry since 2014

Owner of Advanced Practice

Medical Aesthetics

Advanced Practice Medical Aesthetics

Unique Concept: "Stacking Technology"

At APMA the knowledge and experience of each provider translates into remarkable aesthetic results that are natural in appearance and affordable to everyone. To reliably achieve these results at affordable pricing, APMA utilizes a unique all-inclusive technology membership plans based on a client’s degree of skin damage, no matter the cause. This system really focuses on improving and maintaining dermal (skin) health, rather than merely treating each skin issue separately with one form of technology. This is not to say that each client is treated the same, but rather, each client gets what they need to achieve remarkable results. This approach interjects a practical view on an industry that is sometimes considered limited-access because of financial constraints.

This “Stacking Technology” approach to aesthetic medicine which APMA has fit into short-term membership plans assures significant aesthetic correction and rejuvenation in a reasonable timeframe with limited downtime. The combination of state-of-the-art technology with APMA provider's aesthetic artistry, knowledge of proportions, skin conditions and the aging process assures outstanding, natural results. APMA strives for exceptional outcomes, close follow-up and client satisfaction with a systematic, yet individualized plan of care that fits everyone’s budget.

Meet Our Team 

Bree Morrison



Is a Registered Nurse who completed her bachelor’s degree at Louisiana State University Health Science Center. She recently relocated to Colorado to pursue her aesthetic career dreams. 

Bree is excited to bring the science behind healthy and beautiful skin to her clients and believes that by combining realistic goals with advanced injectables, she can achieve exceptional and natural results. Bree is dedicated to keeping her knowledge current and enjoys attending aesthetic conferences often. 

Bree enjoys Colorado outdoor activities, travel and is currently on the hunt for the perfect house to settle into. 

Nathan Givens

Nathan Givens



As a Certified Laser Specialist and Licensed Esthetician with over 10 years’ experience, Nathan is interested in advancing his aesthetic career with skin infusions and injectables. His favorite aesthetic treatments include a deep chemical peel and dual LASER technology to rejuvenate skin with little to no downtime and designed to enhance his clients’ natural beauty.  Nathan can guarantee results in as little as one visit, but of course a series of treatments always yield a more complete result.  

Nathan loves long walks with his pup, Sputnik and, in his free time, enjoys playing video games like Animal Crossing.

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